What Makes us Different?

Our Process

List of prospects

With advanced research we gather a list of prospects interested in your products or services.

Set up appointments

We reach out to them and set up face to face or over the call appointments with them.

Achieve sales targets

By targeting prospects who are interested in your products it is easier to close the deal

Set professional appointments with your prospects

Appointment Generation is the task of scheduling a meeting with various prospects, either over a call or face to face with the goal of converting these prospects into buying customers. With Appointment Setting, we understand which prospects are interested in your product or services and then set up meetings for you so that your sales team has no trouble in closing the deal.

With many years of experience and a team of expert researchers, Vipnak has been successfully able to set appointments for companies with quality prospects adding value to these companies and helping them grow their business..


And kick start the process of increasing your sales

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