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Vipnak ITES

At Vipnak we provide a wide range of services to be able to deliver exactly what you and your company requires. Lead Generation to generate high quality leads, Contact Discovery to curate a whole new list of fresh contacts for your sales team, Account Based Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing and much more to ensure that our clients are always taken care of. We have a reputation of always delivering more than what is expected from us and this helps us in building and maintaining strong and long standing relations with all our clients. Today we work with companies from all around the world and have launched several successful campaigns for them which has led to tremendous growth.

What differentiates us from others is our drive to always achieve excellence for all our work and build customized campaigns in relation to what is the desired result for each of our clients. We can help you and your company reach new heights as well, Get in touch with us today to build a custom campaign for your company.


Years Of
06 Years Of Experience

Our Vision.

Vipnak’s Vision is to provide unparalleled value for all our customers along with simplifying and enhancing the process of lead generation. Are you looking for a way to increase your sales? Want to take a bite out of the global B2B market? Then Logichron has the vision for it and we can help you get there. Get in touch with us today!

06 Years Of Experience

our Mission

Our mission is to deliver tremendous sales growth with a competitive business advantage for our clients. We aim to build long-term relationships with all our clients by providing industry-leading services, strategies and marketing technology to improve their return on Sales & Marketing Investments and Accelerate Revenue Growth. Needless to say, even today we have a long-standing relationship with all our clients.

Our Leadership

Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology.

Akshay Sharma
Kalim Khan
Akshay Sharma
Ratikant Deshmukh

Our History

Does any industry face a more complex audience journey and marketing sales process than B2B technology.

2017- Startup

We started with Telemarketing regions.

2019 - Startup

Certified Google experts andexcellency in technologiesand marketing operations globally.

2016 - Startup

We started as a small company founded in Pune India by Akshay sharma and Partners.

2018 - Startup

Recognized business in NY of The USA. Growing businessonboarding large publishers and agencies.

2020 - Startup

Worldwide Growth as a established brand with stand with market leaders and influencers..

We work according to your requirements

Our Process

Understanding requirements

We gain a deep understanding of your company’s requirements, industry, business and goals to be able to help you better.

Customize Campaign

Based on the requirements we create a customized database and campaign to reach your target audience accurately.

Launch the Campaign

With the necessary information gathered and the understanding of your requirements put to use, we launch the campaign.